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Our Statement of Beliefs

WE INTEND to provide for the transformation and evolution of human beings seeking enlightenment in communion with the Divine Creator through the ceremonial and sacred use of entheogenic fungi.

OUR PURPOSE is to promote the transformation and evolution of beings who seek enlightenment by communing with the Divine Creator.  In order to effectuate our purpose, we shall organize retreats and sacred ceremonies related to the expansion of consciousness through the sacramental consumption of natural entheogens, in addition to other guided relaxation and expansion practices of ancestral consciousness.

WE BELIEVE that natural entheogens were manifested through the Divine Creator in order for all humans, regardless of religion, race, sex, or gender, to facilitate communion with the Divine.

WE BELIEVE through the ceremonial and sacred use of natural entheogens our members are able to access their divinity from within.

WE BELIEVE that many of our experiences have shown us that the sacramental use of natural entheogens within an appropriate spiritual context, far from being a dissociative experience for the mind and detrimental to the health of the individual or of society, is, on the contrary, an activity beneficial for the expansion of consciousness, and in turn, positive for the purposes of our individual spiritual wellbeing.

WE BELIEVE that entheogenic fungi, as revelatory sacraments of the Divine Creator, hold their own inherent wisdom and teachings for each individual.  The consumption of this sacrament is the numinous path by which a dedicant receives these teachings and is initiated into a mystery tradition of deeper spiritual awareness.

WE BELIEVE that through mystical experiences, we seek and receive answers and guidance to specific and ultimate life questions.  Additionally, we believe that mystical experiences, induced by the sacramental consumption of entheogenic fungi, unite us through love, understanding, and greater connectivity to other beings in the universe.

WE BELIEVE the overarching message we receive from the Divine Creator, through the sacramental consumption of entheogenic fungi, is that unconditional love is the most  powerful force in the universe and is the essence of the Divine Creator.

WE BELIEVE that the sacramental use of natural entheogens teaches us and empowers us to become more in tune and/or more related to mother nature.  More specifically, we believe that the sacramental use of natural entheogens restores us to a more symbiotic relationship with nature.  As such, we believe that, to the best of our ability and as practicable, we are to conduct ourselves in such a way as to respect and preserve mother nature and encourage others to do the same when feasible.

WE BELIEVE that other religious texts and teachings, insofar as they are consistent with the Divine Creator and the spiritual realm, provide guidance for how we should live our lives and in how we should love and be tolerant of other beings.

Thanks to you we are growing our community outreach and building the foundation for global connection. We welcome and are grateful for the support of our community as we establish sustainable roots.  New members are always welcome!

If you would like to donate, donations can be made in cash, credit card, or an exchange of time. Please email us to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

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