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Sacrament Ceremonies

At the heart of the origin of Western civilization, Ancient Greece had the powerful religious Rites of Eleusis where the sacrament of the Third Queendom, Ergot, was consumed to venerate the Divine Mother Goddess. Further North in Europe, both Scandinavian and Slavic indigenous practices have maintained a long-standing relationship with sacramental mushrooms.  Our indigenous ancestors in North America venerated the Great Spirit to transcend this realm with the aid of sacred fungal cousins.  


Today, these ceremonies have been largely forgotten by modern humans and yet, we recognize a collective yearning to sit in community and come to know something larger than ourselves. We invite you to sit ceremony with us in the old way.   Our priestesses are experienced ceremonialists and sacrament carriers and, through ceremony, they will guide you to remember your ancestral self, to experience revelations and insights about your true divine nature and perhaps to expand your own understanding of yourself as an immortal soul.


The sacrament is a gift from the Great Creator and from the church.  The priestesses as mushroom carriers may accept monetary donations for their services but never for the sacrament itself.  Additionally, although we have multiple offerings for the community, ceremonies are open to church members only. 


Private Ceremony

 6 hour ceremony and 1 hour preparation and post integration sessions for one person. Email us for more information.

Group Ceremony

6 hour ceremony and 1 hour preparation and post integration sessions for 2 or more people. Email us for more information.

Spirit Sacrament Communion

For church members who sincerely wish to commit to building a long term, intimate and personal relationship with the sacrament, the Church offers 30 Day Spirit Sacrament Kits.   This is an excellent opportunity to continue to commune with the sacrament outside of formal ceremony.  Alternatively, this is a means of coming to meet the mushroom spirit individually before sitting a larger ceremony.   


By ritually consuming daily sacrament in miniscule amounts, the dedicant builds a deeper understanding and relationship  to the mushroom Spirit.  This amount of sacrament is traditionally called a “spirit” sacramment because it contains very little actual sacrament to affect the physical body.  Instead, it works in the spirit realm of the human in subtle yet profound ways.

Our priestesses have been practicing daily devotional communion for many years and are available to provide support and guidance in this practice for members as well as provide pastoral counseling in this work.  Members may work with any number of kinds of sacred mushroom sacrament including lions mane, reishi, cordyceps or others.  They may choose to work with church sacrament or their own as they desire.

Two pastoral counseling support phone calls per month are available to any members working with any sacred mushroom sacrament. 

Call or email us to inquire.

One on One Sessions

Not sure where to begin?

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